Consul Jawara urges Gambians to be tolerant


By Mafugi Ceesay & Olimatou Coker

The Gambia’s honorary Consul in Angola, Haggi Jawara has urged Gambians to continue to live in peace and resist any division caused by politics.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Jawara, widely respected by successive Angolan governments, said The Gambia has a unique place in Africa as one of the most tolerant nations. “We should continue that way and never allow politics to divide us. There can only be one leader at a time and when election comes, we just support the political party of our choice and respect the choice of others,” he advised. He said Gambians should be proud of their nationality rather than their tribes, which he said are just languages we speak at home “but internationally our identity is Gambian”.


On the state of migrants in Angola

Jawara expressed delight that since the new president came to power, most of the 300 illegal African migrants in detention have been released and “we will continue to fight for the release of more.”

 Mr Jawara said generally, the condition of migrants in Angola has improved a lot with little or no harassments in the streets.

”Even where a migrant gets into trouble, I and my fellow senior diplomats there are notified and we give all kind of help to those in trouble with the law”, he said.

However, Mr Jawara said youth’s must not risk everything including their lives to embark on dangerous adventures because there is nothing in Europe other than slavery and cold.