Court frees 2 men serving life imprisonment


Sanna Camara and Abdou Camara were discharged and acquitted yesterday after the judges upheld their appeal against their conviction and sentence.

They were convicted and sentenced in July 2011 to life imprisonment by a high court judge, Emmanue Ikpala after they were found guilty of manslaughter. Sanna and Abdou were accused of causing the death of one Ansu Bojang who was caught stealing a goat in Banyaka village, West Coast Region in 2002. He died while they were taking him to Tujereng Police Station.

They were charged together with four men who were later acquitted and discharged by the same judge who convicted them. 


Dissatisfied with their convictions, the two men filed an appeal for their conviction to be overturned. Their lawyer, Lamin Camara said the judge ‘erred’ in law in convicting Sanna and Abdou for manslaughter. He argued that the convictions and sentences were against the weight of the evidence adduced by the prosecution during the trial.

Delivering the judgement, Justice Awa Bah said the “omission” of the appellant did not cause the death of the deceased, Ansu Bojang.