Court orders former UTG VC to pay D100.000 for security cost


By Bruce Asemota

The High Court in Banjul, presided over by Justice Bakre, has ordered former Vice Chancellor of the University of The Gambia, Professor Faqir Anjum to pay the sum of D100.000.00 as security cost.

Professor Faqir, who is believed to be in Pakistan, was relieved of his position as the Vice Chancellor last year and he is claiming the sum of $150.000.00 for breach of contract, damages and unpaid arrears amongst others.


At a recent court sitting, representative of the State informed the court that Professor Faqir was out of the country and was not diligent in pursuing his case but applied that the court made an order for the plaintiff to deposit the sum of D100.000.00 as security cost.

The application was granted by the court and same was accordingly ordered.