‘Crime rate is misunderstood under intense publicity’


By Amadou M Jadama

David Kujabi, the Public Relations Officer of the Gambia Police Force, has said that contrary to many views the level of crime in the country is not astronomically high compared to the past, saying what has changed is level of information sharing.

“Our statistics did not show any significant upsurge of crimes now as compared to say three years ago but the advancement of new social media and the now free access and sharing of formation all seem to add intensity and undue feeling sensibility to the people’s minds,” PRO Kujabi said.
However, the PRO told The Standard that it does not mean that crimes are not committed nor does it signal naivety on the part of the police.
He said the fight against crime is a collective responsibility as the police alone cannot be everywhere at the same time.


“Our desire is to promote proactive a policy directed at crime prevention and that can only be successful with the cooperation of the people. For example if someone turns up with a material on sale, don’t buy it straight away. Ask for receipt or ask a few questions. If a thief meets tough questions he or she will not succeed,” he said.

He added: “Those committing crimes come from our society. Armed robbers steal from the people and sell their loot back to the people. If we don’t provide ready made market for suspicious sellers and their products, there will be less stealing.”