D21M Access Bank theft case continues at High Court


By Binta A Bah

Pa Harry Jammeh, lawyer for former Access Bank Gambia Limited employee, has accused Momodou Juldeh Jallow of fabricating evidence in court that he was nominated by the bank to attend training in Dakar.

“Your entire evidence in court is a fabrication. You arranged everything,” Jammeh quizzed. Mr Jallow while denying replied: “He’s old enough and he was my supervisor.”


The bank staff is accused of stealing over twenty-one million dalasi alongside a co-worker.

He is facing 18 charges of money laundering, fraudulent accounting and destroying evidence alongside Sarjo Corr. They were arrested in Dakar and later put on trial at the high court in Banjul in 2020.

“Do you know the place of training you said you were going to attend?” Lawyer Pa Harry further quizzed but Jallow replied in the negative saying bank officials were supposed to pick them from the hostel to the training ground.

“Were you given allowances before departure to the said training?” Pa Harry further pressed Jallow.  Responding, Mr Jallow said: “We were asked to use our own money.”

When asked how the bank allowed them to go to Dakar knowing that the bank would be close as they were the most senior at the Barra branch, he replied that he had sent a leave form to the Kairaba Avenue branch after his nomination.

Jallow disagreed with the lawyer’s statement that there was no cash shipment on 28 October 2020 as he alleged in his evidence before the court as the bank would have notified the Barra police.

“I’m putting it to you that on that Friday, the reason you stayed in the bank until 3pm with one Yassin Jallow (prosecution witness) was to convert the money into dollar,” Pa Harry said but he replied that wasn’t true.

“I’m also putting it to you that you never met the first accused at the border in Karan but you went to pick him from his house. And it was you who shared the money among yourselves well before you reached at Kerenko village and each of you had $12000,” Pa Harry quizzed but Jallow said he doesn’t know the village the lawyer was talking about.