MRC staff sues Nawec D6.5 million for injuring him


By Bruce Asemota

One Edwuar Daffeh, staff of Medical Research Council, has instituted a D6.5M civil suit against Nawec for specific and general damages and economic loss.

The plaintiff disclosed that sometime in November 2019 whilst employees of Nawec were carrying out work for extension and provision of electricity supply to the new hospital at Allunhare in the Upper River Region, connecting an overhead cable from one side to the other, his motor bike collided with the cable which resulted in his bike crashing and sustaining injuries.


The plaintiff, who said he is presently deformed as a result of the accident, has asked the High Court in Banjul to award the said sum of D6.5 million to him for general damages, mental and emotional trauma and special damages of fracture and bruises he sustained causing deformity of the right leg.