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Darboe alleges plans to provoke instability as pretext to postpone elections

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By Omar Bah

The United Democratic Party leader has cautioned his supporters not to buy into any provocation by the government to cause instability so as to find an excuse to delay the December election. 

Addressing a political rally in Busumbala, the former vice president Ousainu Darboe said:

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“I received intelligence that there are plans to cause instability in the country so that elections can be postponed. I want to urge all UDP supporters to avoid saying or doing things that would bring instability in this country to allow them to succeed in their plans. Even if they beat or insult us, let us ignore them.”

He said the fact that a leader could say he prefers death to losing an election means that such people want to create trouble to be able to win an election.

“No good son of a country will stand and say he will prefer death over losing an election,” he said.

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Darboe said the UDP is with the conviction that the election is in the hands of God and whoever wins, it will be “taken in good faith”.

However, Darboe said President Barrow “cannot be trusted”.

“This is the same person who will tell you he was sleeping and they woke him up to give him the presidency and at the same time say he is a lion killer,” he said.

Darboe urged his party supporters to jealously guide their voter cards ahead of the election.

“Don’t allow anyone to come and fool you to sell your votes or convince you to join another party other than the UDP. All of you here came on your own accord and nobody gave you a butut,” he said.


The UDP leader renewed his disapproval of tribalism. “I believe there is no tribalism in this country and only those who are talking about tribalism are the tribalists themselves. All those who are talking about tribalism in this country are not Mandinkas and they are doing so because I am a Mandinka leading the UDP. If a Fula was leading the UDP nobody would have said anything about it,” he added.

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