Papa Faal labels NPP-APRC alliance treacherous


Independent presidential aspirant Papa Faal has described the recent alliance between NPP and APRC as a treachery against the Gambian people.

He said Gambians must now know that voting Barrow means bringing back Yahya Jammeh to power.

A statement from Mr Faal Nemo Ning Kairo campaign on the alliance shared with The Standard reads:


“For twenty-two years, the people of the Gambian people endured oppression under the leadership of The APRC. ranging from enforced disappearances, gruesome murders, summary executions, trampling of rights to liberty and property among many other oppressive actions. The Janneh Commission Report and the TRRC testimonies and findings are undisputable evidences to all the aforementioned APRC atrocities committed against our people. Until now, the victims of the APRC atrocities await justice. The APRC/NPP alliance now casts doubt on all the many reforms envisaged to ensure that never again shall those days return.

Nowhere in the world has treachery and injustice been orchestrated catastrophically against a people than the one contrived by the APRC/NPP alliance. We the people of the Gambia, with the twenty-two years of scars still fresh in our hearts and person, Must take notice NOW! That if we remain naïve and foolhardy to allow the APRC/NPP alliance to win this election: (1) nothing will stop Jammeh’s return, (2) victims of the pass atrocities will have no justice, (3) APRC will settle scores for their 2016 losses, and (4) return of the past oppression against the Gambian people shall most definitely be reality ity

It is clear that government has no intention to redress the pass atrocities and injustices. For our part, we must ensure a decisive change at this election for the sake of this and the next generation. Alliance with oppressor makes one a bedfellow against the oppressed”.