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Darboe, Barrow urged to reconcile ahead of December polls

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By Omar Bah

Omar Beyai

The opposition Gambia Action Party deputy leader, Omar Beyai, has appealed to Ousainu Darboe to use his experience and wisdom to reconcile with President Adama Barrow in the interest of national unity.

“I want to appeal to Ousainu Darboe to use his experience and fatherly heart to find a way of reconciling with Adama Barrow. I am saying this because I am worried that the relationship between the two could endanger our election,” he told The Standard.

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He said Darboe and Barrow should reconcile “so that we will be able to get a smooth election free from violence in December”.

“Our leaders in this country should at least be exemplary. When they are seen working with each other or forgiving each other, automatically the other young aspiring politicians too will do the same,” he said.

He said the reconciliation of the two is crucial in bringing the divided political class together.

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”Looking at the political situation in the country, The Gambia’s peace and security lies in the hands of the UDP and NPP, so I challenge the two parties to do everything possible to ensure that they reconcile their differences,” Beyai said.

He urged Gambians to desist from the politics of insults .

Beyai said he has chosen not to contest in the December election due to personal reasons but he endorses the candidate chosen by GAP.

“I urge all my supporters to rally behind the GAP leader,” he said.

Also adding his voice on the matter Lamin Keita, the UDP’s Wisconsin Chapter chairperson, said: “The relationship between the two is very scary because the incumbency gave leverage to the NPP to bully other opposition parties. An ominous sign for this is the Kanilai incident where UDP election monitoring team were attacked. In such a scenario, a word should have come out from the NPP condemning the act. These are actions expected from a responsible government, but they staying mute and silence means compliance. My advice to both parties is that the country, The Gambia, is above everything. Preach words of inspiration and wisdom that will encourage peace building among Gambians. Condemn derogatory remarks that lean toward tribal and ethnic divisive politics,” he said.

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