Darboe calls for end to QCell boycott campaign

Darboe calls for end to QCell boycott campaign


By Alagie Manneh

UDP leader Ousainu Darboe has advised against calls to boycott the QGroup, the commercial enterprises of businessman Muhammed Jah.

The UDP leader’s appeal came after former ambassador and UDP supporter Jainaba Bah called for a boycott by UDP supporters of the businesses of Mr Jah for his support of President Barrow. Madame Bah had however said she did so on her own right and not on behalf the UDP. 


However, the UDP leader reacted on his Facebook page yesterday saying: “I see the campaign for a boycott of the Jah’s businesses is intensifying. I agree entirely that we should be liberal minded, accept and respect choices made by individuals and groups. This campaign strongly validates the label of intolerance attached to us. Although I asked the media team to issue a statement confirming that Ambassador [Jainaba] Bah’s appeal was her personal view and not the official position of the party, it does appear that the party is supporting the campaign as our platform is being used to promote the boycott.

“As a responsible and accommodating party we should engage Jah to win him over. We are putting our party in bad light. Let us accept that not everyone will support us but that does not mean we should adopt a stand that will further alienate us from some section of the population”.