GMC considers suing IEC for contempt

GMC considers suing IEC for contempt


By Omar Bah

The Gambia Moral Congress leader Mai Ahmad Fatty has announced that his party is in the process of subjecting the Independent Electoral Commission to contempt proceedings.

Writing on his Facebook page yesterday Mr Fatty explained: “GMC fought a just case at the High Court against our unlawful exclusion from the presidential electioneering processes and won. We are now in the process of subjecting the IEC to contempt proceedings as well as a new civil suit against them.”


 Fatty then went ahead to explained why they are considering a legal suit against the electoral body “At the time, persistence on enforcing our entrenched constitutional right was prejudged in many quarters. Some labeled us spoilers. I personally was targeted for relentless hi-tech pressure, apparent blackmail and virulent verbal lynching. My innocent motives were demonised and my integrity was violently assaulted. All these syndicated campaign of calumny originated from one unionised political source, aided and abetted by few disloyal members from within”.

 Fatty further stated all these happened only because they have insisted focusing exclusively on seeking justice in court first, instead of simultaneously singing their song. “They subjectively placed their electioneering priority above the specific mandate of our party, an independent, sovereign political establishment. I went through some of the worst personal insults and wildest allegations in modern era. But it only made me tougher,” he said. Mr Fatty also extended an olive branch to the people who quit the GMC saying they are always welcome back.

“We know many of you shall eventually return home, and you shall be welcomed with open arms. The difficult days are now behind us, and as faithful believers, we accept the decree of Allah and many of you are already forgiven and we encourage you to please return home unconditionally,” he said.