By Omar Bah

The UDP leader has said he will link President Adama Barrow with drug dealers, if he fails to set the records straight on how he managed to purchase ten brand new Toyota Hilux pick-up vehicles.

Last month, Gambian anti-narcotic agents seized nearly three tonnes of cocaine at the Banjul ports originating from Ecuador.


Since the seizure of the cocaine, the president’s political adversaries have alleged that President Barrow or his close associates have a connection with the traffickers.

Addressing supporters in Old Yundum on Sunday, Ousainu Darboe said: “I want [you] Barrow to tell me the cost of those Toyota Hilux vehicles and source of funding because they were consigned to you as a person. If you fail to do so, I will tell Gambians that you are dealing with drug dealers. We saw a document that shows that the vehicles were purchased in your name…

“If you don’t set the records straight, I will personally tell Gambians that the drug dealers are the ones giving you money to buy these vehicles. I put the burden on you to extricate yourself from the rumours going round that your government is dealing in drugs. If you don’t tell Gambians where you get the money with documentary proofs,” he said.

Darboe said he will invite all Gambians and ask them to conclude that Barrow is dealing with criminals.

 “That is my conclusion. But if you come out with evidence to show that you are not dealing with criminals, we will respect you and conclude that you are not dealing with criminals,” he said.

Fait accompli

He advised UDP supporters to secure voter’s cards and ensure that they campaign for people to join the party ahead of the December presidential election.

“I don’t know whether you will believe it or not but on December 5th, the president- elect will be Ousainu Darboe. There is nothing stopping it with the help of God,” he asserted.

Darboe contended that Barrow’s often-quoted proverb that the knife that killed the lion is still at the State House, is misconstrued because that knife is the yellow knife of the UDP not Adama Barrow.

“How can somebody who was only known by the executive of UDP and the people of Jimara, kill a lion? People used to even ask whether Barrow is a man or woman. If he is the hero he is claiming, who would have asked whether he is a woman or a man? But we will not allow this country to sink. We will not allow these uneducated people to perish this country. It will not happen here,” he added.

The angry-looking Darboe further blasted the Gambian leader, saying he is not credible as he claims.

“How can you claim to be a credible leader when you deceive people? You are a leader who has been acting very dishonourably. We don’t want that type of leader in this country. We need leaders who will live up to their words but not leaders who will tell people you can say anything when campaigning and do the opposite when elected,” he said.