By Omar Bah

UDP leader Ousainu Darboe has called on Dr Ismaila Ceesay of Citizens’ Alliance to endorse his party or risk boosting President Adama Barrow’s chances of reelection.

Addressing his supporters in Gunjur on Tuesday from his Pipeline residence, Darboe said: “Ismaila Ceesay said he would not contest the election. But I would tell him that alone is not enough. Ask your people to all vote for Lawyer Darboe, otherwise history will hold you responsible for your omission and default for not asking your people to vote for UDP.


“By your omission, you could re-relecting President Adama Barrow. Because if you do not ask your people to vote for United Democratic Party, which from visual evidences has the likely chance and the highest chance of winning, you will then be strengthening Adama Barrow and I don’t think that has ever been your wish or plan. I think you are contesting the election because you don’t want President Barrow to be re-elected.  But if you do not throw your support behind UDP, by your omission you will be giving votes to Adama Barrow and history will judge you and as a young politician, actions that you do today or the omissions that you commit today, can haunt you for the rest of your life and I do not want that to happen to a very handsome, intelligent person like yourself,” Darboe said.

Words of advice

The veteran politician added: “We should avoid voting an incapable president this time because we cannot afford doing so. The person we are going to elect should be somebody with very good character, and one we will all be proud of whenever his name is mentioned.

“But if any of us voted for a president who doesn’t care about the people of this country, you will be held accountable for your actions in the hereafter,” he said.

Mr Darboe said the UDP’s fight to be in State House “is not a personal fight but a fight for a better Gambia”.

“We want to ensure that we have a Gambia that will be heaven for all Gambians. That is the agenda of the UDP; so join us to save this country from all attempts to bring back what was here in the past. We should not allow that to happen and the only way of avoiding it is voting for the UDP,” he noted.