NUP tasks electorate to choose anyone but Barrow

NUP tasks electorate to choose anyone but Barrow


By Alagie Manneh

The National Unity Party presidential candidate, Abdoulie Jammeh has called on voters in Nuimi to cast their ballots for any of the five other candidates in the race to State House other than President Adama Barrow.  Speaking at Mbollet-Ba, Mr Jammeh said:

“There are communities or settlements in The Gambia where there is no water or electricity or even a hospital; basically reducing people in those areas as not part of The Gambia. Therefore, in this election try anyone of the five opposition parties because those who have been in power have showed you what they are capable of and that they didn’t fix your problems. You must do your nominations yourself and remove the one who is in power and select among the five of us,” Mr Jammeh told the rally.


He promised the people of upper and lower Niumi that if he takes power, all their necessities will be provided.

“Anything that is missing here, if God gives us the government, we will make it available. Why did I say that? Because in our party, we are afraid of sinning. Anything we promise you, we will do it. Whatever we did not promise you, and it’s your right, you will have it,” he said. 

Speakers rally support

In one of its rallies in Mandinaring, various speakers prevailed on natives to vote for the party as the solution to The Gambia’s ‘perennial’ problems.

They told the hundreds of supporters in Mandinaring Jola Kunda that the NUP is the only party capable of brining meaningful change, and reconciliation in the country.

Fatou PT Bojang, the national women’s mobiliser, urged her fellow women to “open their eyes now”.

“We follow these politicians and do all the hard work for them, especially during the campaign period, but once they are in office, we are forgotten. Again, when we women take our harvests to the market, the area councils would ask us to pay duty and within a short period instructed us to pack up and leave the market area. And if you refuse, they throw your things away. Our young people have lost hope and are embarking on the backway. Why? Let us think about ourselves now and help ourselves and our family. The only way out of our problem is to vote NUP in office.”

Lamin Demba, the deputy campaign manager, said the Barrow government has been taking Gambians for a ride for far too long.

He said: “We are not that party that would say anything during campaign time, only to do something different later when we get into office. They said they are opening a new energy sub-station in the country through OMVG project, but how can you do that when the main station in Guinea hasn’t been opened? Who are you fooling?”

The NUP candidate, Mr Ebrima Jammeh said their desire is to solve the problems of The Gambia, which include but not limited to education, health, and food security.

“In 2015, the price of a bag of rice was not more than D800. Today it’s in the 1000s. People are not sleeping. If we have a sleeping government, the people are not sleeping. We will discuss these things so that you will have a clear idea as to why you should vote for NUP.”

As the campaign nears its end, NUP said it will bring down the curtain on theirs Thursday with a caravan tour of the KM and Brikama regions.