Essa Faal blasts gov’t for neglecting Brikama

Essa Faal blasts gov't for neglecting Brikama


By Olimatou Coker

Independent candidate Essa Mbye Faal has spoken of his love affair with West Coast regional capital Brikama. Speaking at SSP Monday, Faal who received huge welcome at the town, said he is perhaps the only candidate who has toured the entire length of the town, meeting and getting to know its people and their problems.

“I have noticed that nothing is even near standard in all Brikama’s public facilities. And you cannot expect this under Adama Barrow’s government because they are not a government that can achieve any standard,” he said. Faal lamented the poor state of the market, saying that a big town like Brikama should not even have just one market but several with good facilities. “Your hospital is not any better and given it is the biggest maternity post here, so many deliveries are handled here and therefore it has to be up to standard, but that is not the case,” he said.


Mr Faal advised the gathering that they must not trust what Adama Barrow is promising them during this campaign because he is looking for votes. “He is talking about a 1500-bed hospital in Farato.  In any case, Farato is not Brikama. There are more people in Brikama than even Banjul and therefore the town deserves better facilities,” he said.

 Mr Faal assured supporters that if elected, he would ensure that there are standard facilities in Brikama and many places in the country.