UDP to win with a landslide

UDP to win with a landslide



The United Democratic Party will secure a landslide victory in Saturday’s presidential election. This is very clear from the groundwork and realities on the ground across the country. Firstly, the UDP is the biggest party in the country controlling 7 of the regional area councils from Banjul to Basse. Secondly it has the most rooted structures in communities across the country and has been able to maintain these structures from marauding vultures and greed of one-time deputy treasurer Adama Barrow who betrayed the party which catapulted him to power.  Thirdly and more importantly, the UDP controls the key battle areas of West Coast and KMC and it is strong in NBR, URR and totally in control of the LRR.

 Fourthly the party also has abundance of experience people in its leadership with each of them adequately educated to form and a run a government at day’s notice.


This unique combination of knowledgeable personnel in all fields make the UDP a government in waiting. The party is the most organized and ethically balanced political organization in the country boasting of a leadership and followership that cut across all ethnic groups in the Gambia. In the Saturday’s election Gambians who desire to take the country from the unpatriotic hands of the ignorant Adama Barrow and his controllers of dubious personalities in and out of The Gambia have only one choice, vote for Ousainu Darboe. Mr Darboe has a proven record of standing for the good of all giving his struggle in the fight against tyranny which nearly cost him his life. Ousainu stood for the defenseless in court, the illegally detained, victims of state repression, victims of state deprivation and orphans of murdered parents. Above all, Ousianu Darboe stood for The Gambia along with his colleagues most of whom have long since paid the ultimate prize, their lives to liberate the country. No Gambian politician has suffered so much to achieve the freedom we now enjoy. President Adama Barrow is a by- product of that fight but instead of sticking to the values of that struggle he has chosen greed, vanity, and naturally have found new friends and interest groups who because of his sheer lack of smartness have captured him and using him as a tool to enrich themselves at the expense of the state. So. citizens of The Gambia, let us rise and vote our UDP on Saturday and get our country back.