NRP says IEC competent to conduct credible election

NRP says IEC competent to conduct credible election


By Amadou Jadama

Amid concerns over IEC’s credibility to conduct free and fair elections, the National Reconciliation Party’s spokesperson has come to the defense of the commission saying that Election House has not shown any sign that it would not be transparent.

Pateh Baldeh, who was talking to The Standard yesterday, added: “As far as I am concerned, the allegations and criticisms against the IEC are not substantiated enough for me to doubt their competence.  I don’t see any way one can rig this election because of the spot counting.”


Baldeh said spot counting is a very transparent method, which has immensely added the credibility of Gambian elections. “Let me tell you, this spot counting was first demanded and pioneered by the NRP, during the 2015 by-election in Lower Saloum. When we went to the IEC, we told them that we will only contest if there is going to be spot counting. They agreed and that is why we contested and we defeated the APRC mercilessly. So this spot counting is a very transparent process which makes election not possible to rig,” he noted. The NRP spokesman said what is now important is for politicians to sell their programmes and agenda to the people and trust the IEC with the rest.

“I don’t think anyone can manipulate this election,” he said. Mr Baldeh, whose party is in alliance with President Barrow’s NPP, said the president will win with at least 56 percent of the votes.