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Darboe wants special criminal court to fight ‘corruption’

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By Omar Bah

The UDP leader Ousainu Darboe has called on President Adama Barrow to establish a special criminal court to fight against corruption and stop making statements that only irritate or further divide Gambians.

Addressing a group of purported NPP supporters who claimed to have cross-carpeted to the UDP, Darboe said the president should concentrate on fighting against corruption and mismanagement of public funds.

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According to the UDP leader, the government should stop using the Anti-corruption commission as an excuse for their failure to put up a strong resistance against corruption.

“It is unbelievable that we are still talking about not having an anti-corruption commission when there are an anti-corruption commission in 2012 which with all its imperfections can be utilized; and we also have Economic Crime Act. All those Acts are intended to curb corruption and the president also has the powers to establish a special criminal court to fight corruption.

“I urge the president to focus on those issues and if he does that, we will join him in the fight,” he noted.

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Dou Sanno

According to Darboe, the president is losing respect among his own people because of comments the likes of Dou Sanno are making against people. The former vice president condemned Mr Sanno’s recent comments against the late Solo Sandeng.

Darboe said for the president’s deputy political adviser to say that Gambians should avoid making the mistake Solo Sandeng made in 2016 was disrespectful and irritating.

“I want to tell President Barrow that his decent minded people are alienating him because of the irritating audios his deputy political adviser is releasing. But Dou Sanno should know that it is Solo Sandeng’s sacrifice that inspired this change,” he tensely said.

He said Gambians should stop irritating each other because the country is “crying for reconciliation” and the attitude of caricaturing people and calling names would not bring about that reconciliation.

“If you are in a position given to you by the people you should be humble. I also want to urge the young people to respect the country’s laws but at the same time they should not allow anyone to intimidate them,” he added.

He welcomed the NPP supporters from Sanyang to the party and challenged them to be ambassadors of the party.

“The UDP doesn’t encourage violence or confrontation but also whosoever comes to us with aggression we will meet you with that. I want to take this advantage to tell the Gambian people that the UDP will never hide behind any individual or group – whatever we want to do we will do it,” he concluded.

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