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Interior calls for prosecution of Chinese nationals who faked D3M robbery

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By Omar Bah

The Minister of Interior Seyaka Sonko has called for the immediate prosecution of the two Chinese nationals who faked a robbery in an attempt to make away with over D3 million.

According to the police, the two Chinese identified as Johny Zeng and Lucas Wanbiao of Kanifing, planned the robbery to steal D3, 030,000 from a shop. The duo have since been arrested and charged.

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Speaking to journalists on Friday, Minister Sonko said: “We are very concerned about a scene of robbery involving two Chinese nationals who deliberately stabbed each other for sinister purposes. My ministry wishes to strongly condemn these crimes and we want the immediate prosecution of the perpetrators through a competent court of law.”

According to Minister Sonko, the Chinese thought they could blind fold the police because of the number of crime rates reported recently.

Commenting on the alarming number of robbery and homicide cases, Minister Sonko said most of the homicide cases in the country were reported in homes and private places.

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“This is a threat to our social cohesion, peace and security as a people. The Ministry of Interior is resolved to combat all kinds of crimes head-on and we enjoy the public support and cooperation with the police and other forces in the national crusade. We are committed to support the crackdown on criminals and prosecute anybody found wanting to breach the law,” he said.

He said police officers have been deployed within identified violent crime hotspots in an attempt to increase police visibility for deterrent and swift responses.

“In the past week, the police have conducted stop and search night patrols to ensure that people live in a safe and peaceful society,” he said.

He argued that there are reports that some of the crimes were influenced by drugs, saying parents should discourage their children from taking drugs and alcohol.

“From 2016 to 2021, DLEAG registered 3442 cases involving 3544 accused persons, 1057 trafficking related cases and 2110 possession cases. That is a huge number and these are different types of drugs,” he said.

Minister Sonko urged Gambians to avoid portraying a bad image of the country at all times.

“I think we should be mindful also that this is the only country we can call home. It is a destination for tourists. So, if we depict it as such a horrible place; who would want to come to a horrible place where every minute someone is killed?”

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