Darboe’s prison mate cries neglect


Mamadou Fatty, who claimed he was arrested and jailed alongside UDP leader and now Foreign Affairs Minister Ousainou Darboe, has expressed concern that he has not got any attention from the new leadership.
He said some of his fellow former prisoners have got positions.
Fatty’s comments were made public in an audio published on a WhatsApp group, according to a top Gambian affairs online TV, Eye Africa.

Eye Africa further quoted Mr Fatty as saying that while some of his former inmates are enjoying life under air conditioners, Ramadan came and passed but he did not receive even a cup of sugar from anyone or Tobaski ram.

“I’ll not be quiet about this, I’ll talk. People who ran away from Ousainou Darboe and hide themselves under their beds during the protest are the people who are put in high positions while some of us are forgotten,” Fatty was quoted as saying by Eye Africa TV.


A senior politician, who spoke to The Standard said while he recognised Mr Fatty’s’ sacrifice, he does not believe government appointments should be based on patronage or on who has suffered for which political party.
“I am sure Mr Fatty will get his share of the cake according to his competence. There is no deliberate policy to reward political detainees,” he opined.