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Darsilameh Caliph visits Faraba

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A delegation headed by the Caliph General of Darsilameh Sangajor, West Coast Region, has paid a surprise visit to Faraba in the wake of a deadly shooting that left three civilians dead and many others injured.
Since the fatal clashes between residents of Faraba and PIU officials, scores of groups have paid emotional visits to the villagers to sympathise with them.

But perhaps the most surprising is the Caliph General of all the Sheriffs in Africa, Sheikh Muhideen Hydara, who led his team to show solidarity with the bereaved in these trying times.
Muhammed Lakadaf Hydara, a member of the delegation, advised the grieving residents to take heart and forgive each other.

“Sometimes we love things that are not good for us. Other times, we hate bad things that are in a way good for us. Those are the words of the Prophet,” he said, adding that Faraba people should take pride in the Caliph’s visit considering he is the current leader of the entire Ahlulbait in Africa.
Sheikh Amfaal Hydara, the spokesperson of the Caliph and the president of Sheikh Maline Foundation, paid his condolences to the bereaved, saying Faraba is a home to the Caliph himself.

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He advised the villagers to unite and forget about the ugly incident that happened.
Sheikh Sidat Hydara, also a member of the delegation, urged the villagers to be patient as it is the best virtue in the height of difficulties.
“Iblis once visited Fir’aun and while they were chatting, Fir’aun told him that he doesn’t think there is anyone who has bigger sins than the two of them. Iblis went quiet for a while and responded to Fir’aun: except one who was troubled by a relative and that relative comes back to ask for forgiveness but he refused to give it. That person has more sins than us.”

Speaking to the leaders of Faraba, Sheikh Muhideen Hydara, the Caliph, said his father the late Sheikh Mahfu spent seven years in Faraba.
“One of my brother’s daughters Ramou Hydara got married here to Bully Sanyang and they have a family here. So there is nothing between Darsilameh and Faraba except good relations and respect. That is why I came here to pray for you. I advise everyone to persevere. Be united and love each,” he said.
The leader of the youth and the Imam, Darboe, both spoke at the occasion. They promised Caliph total calm.
The chairman of the VDC Alhaji Sanyang urged the Caliph to pray for his people, especially the youths.
Kutub Hadram, Jaye Mukhtarr, Maline Talibeh were all among the delegation to Faraba.

Source: Sheikh Amfaal Hydara

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