“Dec. 30 plotters should be arrested”


By Omar Bah

A former APRC supporter Omar Beyai, who claimed to be the chairman of the so-far unregistered All Peoples’ Party, APP, has called on President Barrow to immediately facilitate the arrest of the December 30th coup plotters.

Cherno Njie, the ‘financier’ of the December 30th coup and Alagie Barrow who was also part of the attack described by many as heroes, were received at the Banjul International Airport Saturday by Omar Amadou Jallow, Minister of Agriculture, victims, family members, among others.
“I want to call on the new government to immediately facilitate the arrest of the December 30th coup plotters for them to face justice and if found guilty, then the law should take its course,” he told The Standard yesterday in an exclusive interview.


He said the new government should not consider the coup plotters as heroes because they were trying to overthrow a legitimate government.
“I am totally disappointed by the new government’s decision to celebrate an act of rebellion as if it was normal. Because celebrating them as heroes means they are encouraging future coup plots the future governments could fall victim to,” he said.

He continued: “The new government should remember that presently there are some soldiers who are detained and facing justice for allegedly trying to overthrow them. If the December 30th coup plotters are heroes what about those soldiers under detention? Whosoever is out to destabilize or overthrow a legitimate government by any means should be considered a rebel.”
He said although former President Jammeh was alleged to have committed crimes that should not warrant the new government to celebrate people who wanted to overthrow a legitimate government and the should have been put in jail.

“What is unconstitutional is just not constitutional and it does not matter who did it or the reason behind the act. This is unacceptable especially during a time when the country is in the process of reunification after Yahya Jammeh,” he added.
Beyai further added that if the new government intends to allow the coup plotters to go free it should just formalize it by announcing pardon, “but then the risk is very high, because it can also motivate others to do the same.”