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Defense lawyer claims Junglers called Mile 2 for UDP protesters

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Lawyer Christopher E Mene, the defense counsel for Yankuba Badgie while cross examining PW 27 Fatou Camara yesterday at the high court, said the junglers called the Mile II Central Prisons to confirm the presence of the UDP protesters and this was confirmed to them [Junglers] the night the protesters were moved to the NIA.
But in reply, Fatou Camara told Justice Kumba Sillah-Camara that she was not aware of this. “I did not know whether Junglers called Mile II to confirm our presence there,” she said.

Another defense lawyer Ibrahima Jallow, asked the witness whether it was the Junglers who were beating her at the NIA but again in her reply, she said she does not know the people who tortured her at the NIA. But the witness maintained that during the torture she heard the torturers calling Haruna to bring the pipe.
Testifying further, Fatou Camara said during her torture at the NIA her wrapper got stained with blood but had to continue wearing it as she had nothing to put on until one Sergeant Jeng bought two long dresses locally called Abaya for her, Fatoumata Jawara and Nogoi Njie.

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She said the stained clothes smelled of blood, adding that her left eye lost sight and sustained physical pains all over her body as a result of the beatings.
The 55-year-old stated that after the torture, she alongside Nogoi Njie, Fatoumata Jawara, Modou Ngom, Kafou Bayo, and Lang Marong were later taken to the Mile II central prisons, before being transferred to McCarthy prison.
She narrated that that day, she could neither walk nor sit because her body was physically destroyed, and that she could hardly talk loud.
She said she still feels pain despite treatment in Dakar and other places.
The trial continues.

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