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Delayed Bakau football programme Kicks off Friday


Last month, zonal president Bakary Dampha said the responsibility for the poor state of the pitch should be put on the people of Bakau who abuse the pitch. He called for sanity and described the threats of boycotting as misplaced.

Now though there seem to be a breakthrough with his committee announcing that it has bagged a sponsor for the much-delayed knock-out final of the past season which is now scheduled for Friday. 

Dampha told The Standard that each time a new nawettan season approaches lots of talking takes place in Bakau but he said what is important is that his committee has done everything possible, engaging all stakeholders and getting things to move again. 

“We have a sponsor for the knock-out after which balloting will take place for the nawettan season to commence. We want everybody to come out, support and cheer,” he said.

The knock-out final Friday features Linguere versus Lunborg.


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