‘I disobeyed instruction to kill’


By Baba Sillah

As part of their consultative meeting around the country, members of the technical committee on the setting up of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission, TRRC, have their hands full when a senior police officer narrated how he categorically disobeyed an order to kill someone.

Malamin Sankareh, the Police Commissioner of Central River Region told the delegates that he was instructed to kill someone during a clash between supporters of United Democratic Party (UDP) and Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) during the 2006 political campaign in Basse.
“I flatly refused the order and I was sacked. I was without a job for six months before being reinstated without compensations,” he said.


Commissioner Sankareh however vowed that he will reveal the name of the person he was instructed to kill whenever the commission is set up as he has all the documents to prove all what he is saying.
Meanwhile, addressing communities in Janjanbureh, the Minister of Justice, Aboubacarr Tambadou promised the people of CRR the Commission’s readiness to investigate all crimes during the reign of former president and brought all the perpetrators to justice.

Tambadou urged the perpetrators to declare themselves as the commission will not compromise any atrocities and will enforce its mandate to the letter to ensure that justice is done and is seen to be done.
He promised that there will be reparations for the victims but warned them to be honest and not proffer false allegation against anyone as the purpose of the commission is not to hunt anyone but to ensure that justice and truth prevail at the end of the day.

Omar Jammeh, the regional youth chairman of CRR proposed for the establishment of the commission in every region in order to reduce the burden of transport.
Loved ones and family members, including the family members of the late former Finance Minister, Koro Ceesay were among the people who have narrated their stories and called for immediate investigation into the death of Mr Ceesay and the enforced disappearance of their love ones.

Forms were also given out to fill in order for them to be potential witnesses for the commission.
From Janjanbureh the delegation proceeded to Basse where they were welcomed by the Governor of Upper River Region.
The tour continues.