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Dou Sanno says Darboe has been ‘ungrateful’

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By Omar Bah

Presidential Adviser Dodou Sanno, a former stalwart of the opposition United Democratic Party, has expressed disappointment over Ousainu Darboe’s attack against him, saying the former vice president has been ungrateful to him.

Mr Sanno was reacting to Darboe’s suggestion that the government is wasting state resources on advisers like him.

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Reacting to Darboe’s claims in an audio obtained by The Standard, Sanno said: “The problem you have with me is my decision to support President Adama Barrow, but I can assure you that nothing will stop me from supporting him because I have a genuine reason to do so. You have no moral authority to stop me because you are the very person who once described Barrow as Prophet Moses when he rescued you from prison. What has changed since then, Mr Darboe? Are you saying all these things today just because you are no longer in government? I think you should stop the individual attacks.”

Dou Sanno said because of the fact that a lot has passed between him and Darboe, he wouldn’t want to be disrespectful to him.

“I just want to urge you to leave me alone. I don’t want to be going back and forth with you. You talked about corruption, but even when you were minister, there were issues of corruption in your own ministry- about passport fraud. What have you done about it? I repeat, leave me alone and allow me to continue doing my work,” he said.

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Mr Sanno denied Darboe’s claims that he has a police orderly.

“That is not true, but if the president decides to do that, I merit it because I am a political adviser, and I want Darboe to stop looking down on people because every human being has a capacity or ability, and we should all appreciate and cherish that,” he said.

On Darboe’s claims that President Barrow has resurrected Jammeh’s government, Sanno said many individuals who work with Jammeh are currently holding positions in the UDP. “The likes of Momodou Sabally, Tombong Saidy, and Almamy Taal were all working with Jammeh, and now they hold positions in the UDP,” he said.

He said Gambians who worked under Jammeh and are not found guilty of any crime have the right to work in any government, including any possible UDP-led government.

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