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Drug Agents bust bunker in Brikama jungle

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By Lamin Cham

The Drug Law Enforcement Agency, DLEAG, yesterday busted a suspected drug baron in Brikama, after agents acting on a tip off laid an ambush in Brikama Gidda forest that led to the discovery of a metal case filled with cannabis concealed in a bunker four feet deep.
The suspect, one Assan Badjie, was arrested and is helping police with the investigations.

According to DLEAG Public Relations Officer Ousman Saidybah, the DLEAG received a very well-sourced tip off that drug traffickers have set up a base in Brikama Gidda forest and one night deployed agents in the bush who stayed the whole night until the wee hours when suddenly two people arrived on a motor cycle.

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“One of them got off and entered the bush and with our agents carefully on his trail, he stopped at a spot in the forest and started collecting parcels. He then headed back to the motor cycle to run off with the parcels and our men put up a chase during which one parcel dropped. But the interesting thing was the man was properly identified by our men who dutifully went to his residence in Brikama to arrest him,” the PRO said.
He further disclosed that the man was brought back to the forest and after a proper search of the area he visited, a bunker was found containing a metal case.

“Our agents dug up the earth and removed the metal case only to find huge piles of cannabis.
“The sheer ingenuity used by this suspect is mind-boggling. He and his gang used the bunker for storage and paid regular visits to take the drug in bits and by demand. We even found the spot where they sat to wrap and parcel cannabis. They are so confortable in this bush that they even had time to brew attaya while at work,” Saidybah said.

The PRO said this breakthrough was possible because good citizens volunteered information to the agency and encouraged all Gambians to join the fight to eradicate drug trafficking and abuse.
Mr Saidybah admitted that the operation in the forest is hazardous and risky (unlike other forces DLEAG personnel are not armed). He thanked his agents for the tremendous risk taken to carry out such a successful operation.

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“We know this can be dangerous but we signed up to the oath to save our nation from drugs and we have no choice but to do it,” he said.
The Director General of DLEAG Alhaji Bakary Gassama said his agency has assumed a renewed vigor in the fight against drug and appealed to Gambians to corporate and assist law enforcement agencies in their work and desist from obstructing them.

Meanwhile the DLEAG also busted a gang in Bundung led by a Nigerian who has just been acquitted by a court.
He and his gang were busted with cannabis and hard drugs like heroine. They are currently helping investigators at the DLEAG post in Bijilo. Also in Bakoteh agents busted another gang led by one Ebrima Ndow. He and his men are currently at Yundum Police Station.

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