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KMC mayoral election: Race for UDP ticket heats up

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About eight people are now known to have expressed interest formally or informally for the United Democratic Party’s backing in the upcoming Mayoral election in the KMC, a source close to the party told The Standard yesterday.

Ounda Nyang, the UDP regional chairman for KMC said though only a few has so far formally applied, he personally heard of about 8 people in total who are known to be interested.
“But as you can see the elections are not until April 2018 and so you can even expect the figure to rise as the UDP is a democratic party where everyone can be free to aspire for anything if you think you have the competence. At the end of the day, of course, the right organ of the party will determine who will be the candidate for the party,” he said.

Mr Nyang will not however give any names so far.
KMC Mayor job is the most prestigious and strategic for any party aspiring to control the local government.

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