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Ebrima L. Dampha, President-Elect UTGSU 2019

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Fellow students, I am humbled by the trust reposed in me and my team, inspired by the sacrifices you endure to see us this far, and assured of great achievements through the ideals that bond us together as a family. With a heart full of gratitude, I, on behalf of the Inter-School Alliance for Change thank the 17th Executive Council of the Students’ Union for their foresightedness, hard work and dedication to the noble duties of the University of The Gambia Students’ Union.

I salute the resolve of the past and current students who stood by us during these times. Moments they could have spent with their friends and loved ones were utilised for the cause of the University of The Gambia.
Elections are a process through which people express their innate feelings, a God-given right of choice. For those who preferred and voted for other candidates, I equally thank you for your show of patriotism. You’ve made our democratic process not only lively and interesting but equally credible. To all other contenders, the UTG family thanks you for your demonstration of maturity, for the brilliant programs you have devised to implement, and for your show of love for our citadel of learning. Our differences in opinion never blinded anyone from the truth, but allowed us the freedom to openly and most honestly express our views. I strongly consider the students as the true champions of this election. And therefore, this is a victory for all.

To Madam Fatoumatta A Camara, I’m thrilled with the courage and strength you possess. You are indeed a great leader. And I shall always knock on your doors for your expert advise and counseling. Together, we’ll move mountains.
To the UTG Electoral Commission, your impartiality and quest to ensure a free, fair and transparent election was never doubted. GRACIAS!
Our traits of humanity and the love that binds us as students must be cherished and upheld, nurtured and revered, promoted and propagated. For the weeks and months ahead, we will be redoubling our efforts to deliver our campaign promises, and rest assured they’ll be the change we’ve all been yearning for.

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Let it be understood that we can’t do this alone, we still need you around to help scrutinize our policies as we deliver, and to share constructive criticisms and the needed feedback as and when necessary. We are writing a history for this country and changing the narratives for good is not a choice but a must. This is the way forward for a student-led agenda.
As I conclude my message, I wish to call on the Administration of the University of The Gambia to continue supporting the students, moulding and harnessing on their expertise for the betterment of this country. We must continue to avail them platforms and opportunities to contribute not only to knowledge, but to the socioeconomic development of this nation. My council is looking forward to a fruitful working relationship with you in which the interest of the students shall remain paramount.
Long live the University of The Gambia.

Ebrima L. Dampha
President- Elect UTGSU
18th Executive Council

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