Ecowas to launch Gambia Biochar Network today


The ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) will launch the Biochar Network Gambia (BNG) today at the Senegambia Beach Hotel, in front of stakeholders in environmental protection and clean energy from across the region.

A statement from Ecowas said ECREEE earlier participated in a project called “Biochar Plus Project” aimed at promoting Biochar systems. One of the outcomes of the project is to create an African platform to continue the promotion and development of the Biochar Systems in Africa. The platform dubbed “Africa Biochar Partnership” (ABP) has been established and coordinated by ECREEE to perform these functions.
For the effective functioning of the ABP, African countries are encouraged to establish their own national platforms for better and easier coordination. The Gambia is one among the few countries that has established its national platform.

Biochar system uses agro-industrial waste or residue such as groundnut shell, coconut shell, sawdust, etc. in a gasifier stove. The gasifier stove burns the agricultural waste in a very clean manner with little or no smoke and can therefore be used for cooking. The waste from the stove is referred to as “Biochar”.
According to officials, the launch of Biochar Network Gambia BNG would go a long way in enhancing environmental protection and agricultural production and productivity. The use of gasifier stove will reduce fuel wood consumption and the waste from the stoves, Biochar, can be used for soil enrichment. ECREEE officials led by its Executive Director Mahama Kappiah, representatives of international organizations, and members of Biochar Network Gambia are expected to attend the ceremony.