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Edusa kicks off nation-wide tour of schools

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By Amadou Jadama

Education Students Association of the University of The Gambia (Edusa) is embarking on a nation-wide sensitisation tour of 20 senior secondary schools.
The tour is designed to enlighten educatees and teachers on career choice development, with a theme career choice development, discipline and teacher commitment.
Speaking to The Standard on the motive behind the tour, Edusa president Yankuba Manneh, said: “This is an activity that is deeply enshrined in our activity plans for the year. For the theme, we feel that teachers’ commitment to the students can be improved. We also believe that discipline is on the decline and as such it contributed to the poor performance of both students in grades nine and 12.

“This is why we decided to embark on an outreach to schools to sensitise and educate students and teachers on the need to bringing career development to life.
“We are targeting twenty senior secondary schools, and the schools that are off the roads across the country.”
He said the motive behind selecting senior schools for the outreach was because senior secondary students are the closest to finishing their school careers.
“This year, we want to ensure that we diversify all the schools in the country to reach out to them on this particular theme,” he added.
Other speakers included Lamin Barrow, vice president, Alhagie B Sama, former president and now adviser to Edusa.

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