Elections are here — again


Tomorrow is Election Day. Gambians from all corners of the country are expected to go out in their large numbers tomorrow to vote in the local government elections. It is important for folks to understand that there is no election more important than the local government elections. It is of extreme importance therefore for people to exercise their national duty of voting. Your vote is your voice.

Local governments are the ones that deal directly with the people because the elected officials have the opportunity – proximity – to interact directly with the people. A good local government election translates into a good national assembly election which in turn paves the way for good and fair presidential elections. As such, the citizens should always see this as a duty and go out to vote.

Another important aspect of this election is the manner in which the electorate comport themselves before, during and after elections. It is essential that people maintain peace throughout this period. Go out there, cast your vote and go home. When the time comes for the results to be released tune to your radios and listen.


The large number of candidates signifies that more people have now built interest in the affairs of the nation and all of them want one thing, and one thing only – to make the Gambia better. We may differ in opinions sometimes, but if we all know that the destination is the same, then it should not be difficult to just do our civic duty of voting and avoiding everything that could jeopardize the peace and stability of the country.