Employment Minister optimistic of Gambia’s industrial potential to create jobs, address food insecurity


By Mariatou Ngum

The Minister of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (MoTIE) has described his visit to the 2 milling factories in Banjul as great, noting the country’s potential to create jobs and to address food insecurity.

 Hon.  Baboucarr Ousmaila Joof visited the Gambia Milling Cooperation and Nessim Trading Company Limited Gambia in Banjul as part of his ongoing tour of industries in the country. Commenting on the value of wheat and the country’s potential to grow it, Mr Joof observed that a lot of what we eat is connected to flour, yet the raw materials are not available in the country. He said they would engage the National Research Institute to come up with the appropriate soil and condition to enable us grow wheat.


He made reference to the geopolitical situation in Russia and Ukraine which he said “has taught countries the need to look for alternative options. He went on: “Knowing that 60-70% of our food in this country comes from flour, I think that is one thing we have to look at as a government. The existing mills we have visited have the potential to provide the required flour throughout the country.  “I am convinced that domestically we are addressing the issue of flour availability”.

The milling companies decried of lack of adequate electricity, as it hampers production and urged the Minister to help address the situation.

Hon. Joof   earlier visited the Weight and Measure Department in Banjul where he had an indoor meeting with the staff. The Director of the Department Mr. Nasiru Janneh thanked the Minister for taking time to visit them.