Ex-chairman of NYC accused of making dangerous speech


By Kebba Jeffang of Malagen

An influential youth leader, Dembo Kambi, has urged supporters of the United Democratic Party, to maim, dismantle and wound “foreign voters” who are “interfering” in the country’s parliamentary elections.

The statement made by Kambi, a former chairman of the National Youth Council (NYC), on his Facebook page was flagged by Malagen media monitoring team as a dangerous speech.


Dembo posted the following on Facebook on Saturday: “Dear militants and supporters of the United Democratic Party. For defending our election process means to us everything. Stop every illegitimate voter from voting in this election. Use every means humanly possible. The Gambia so far is very much proud of you our gallant young men and women for standing by The Gambia. Destroy, wound, maimed and dismantle any person, institution and object that stand in your way to defend your national flag. I individually take responsibilities for all your actions.”

Why is this comment dangerous?

Kambi is an influential person in the country having served as a chairman of the National Youth Council, an institution under the youth ministry.

Prior to his appointment as chairman of NYC, he was the chairman of the West Coast Regional Youth Committee. The comment he made has the potential to create conflict or incite violence in the country. The Gambia is highly polarised and politically divided at this time.


The former chairman of NYC should refrain from making such unguarded comments by showing examples of the highest order as a former national youth leader. Maintaining peace and order is everyone’s responsibility as a Gambian citizen.