Colonel Bojang who was in charge of the military post in President Jammeh’s native Kanilai Village was found guilty of abuse of office. He had seized 195 logs of timber from one Kalifa Saidy on the ‘false’ pretence that he received an executive order to do so.

“In your defence,” Magistrate Jagne told him in her judgement, “you told the court that you actually received an executive order that allowed you to stop the timber transportation from Casamance to The Gambia. But you were not able to give the court any proof.”

She said Mr Saidy confirmed to the court that Lt Col Bojang had seized the logs of timber from him because, according to Solo, there was an embargo.


Meanwhile, Solo Bojang, in his plea of mitigation following his conviction, had told the court to exercise mercy on him.

“I am a family man with two wives and I have been working for the country for several years,” he said. “Since my arrest up to date, which is coming to seven months now, only God knows what is happening to my family. I only see my wife at the court and I do not know what is happening to my children.”

The magistrate, after listening to Bojang’s plea, sentenced him to a fine of D50,000 or serve one year in jail. She ordered that the logs be returned with immediate effect to Mr Saidy, the owner. 


Allakunda land case

A separate trial involving the same Solo Bojang and one Anini Jammeh proceeded before the same court with the testimony of Lt Col Sarjo Jarju, a personal bodyguard to President Yahya Jammeh.

Solo Bojang and Anini Jammeh were charged with abuse of office when they allegedly acquired a plot of land in the president’s name in Allakunda village in Casamance. Both pleaded not guilty. 

In his testimony led by Assistant Superintendant Sainey Joof, Colonel Jarju testified that the president had never given directives to the accused in his presence.

He said: “Whenever we go we find Solo Bojang there, who leads us. The only farm which I know belongs to the president in Allakunda is called the Airport Farm. I don’t know how the president acquired his farms or lands. My job is to serve as a bodyguard to the president…” The case resumes April 28.


By Kebba Camara