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Ex-NEDI coordinator granted bail but…

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Olimatou Danso gave the revelation to the court yesterday, after Ceesay and Njie were freed on a bail bond of 800,000 dalasi each by a high court judge, Simeon Abi. 

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The judge said the two men will be released on bail till the charges are brought before the court. Their bail came after their lawyer, Edward Gomez requested for their release two weeks after they were placed under police custody by the Banjul Magistrates Court. The bail application was not opposed by the state prosecutor. Ceesay who is also National Assembly member for Lower Saloum was arraigned at the said court on April 13 on 17 criminal counts of  economic crime, abuse of office, negligence of official duty and theft together with Njie.

Prosecutors accused Hon Ceesay of stealing 63,750 dalasi from NEDI being the sales of loan forms and loan repayment. They further alleged that Ceesay and Njie also pocketed 116,500 dalasi and 1, 250 dalasi being monies paid to them for official spending which could not be accounted for. 

The two men are also alleged to have procured goods amounting to 2,100,000 dalasi from Farouk Trading without following the GPPA regulations in procurement of goods.

Prosecutors further charged that Hon Ceesay fraudulently diverted an amount of 11,400 dalasi being a loan repayment to NEDI by one Besenty Gomez.

It is also revealed that Hon Ceesay between 2009 and 2012 deliberately disbursed loans amounting to 2,400,000 dalasi to several vendors across the country without approving their loan forms.

Hon Ceesay is also accused of disbursing loans amounting to 325,670 dalasi to Oases Fishing Association and Saloum Saloum Youth Association respectively without a Memorandum of Understanding.


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