Ex-NRP chieftain endorses UDP’s candidate in LRR

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By Amadou Jadama

A former spokesperson of the National Reconciliation Party has endorsed the incumbent Landing Sanneh, the UDP candidate in the Mansakonko Area Council chairmanship election.

Pateh Baldeh fell out with NRP, contested last year’s National Assembly election in Jarra East Constituency and was defeated.


According to him, the people of the region approached him to contest the May 20 election but he told them to instead endorse Sanneh since “he has done well during his five years in office”.

Baldeh told The Standard: “My reason is simple. Sanneh is development oriented and he has demonstrated it. My supporters and I are all going to vote for him because he deserves a second term. I am confident that Sanneh will be re-elected on May 20. The council had been managed by other chairpersons for many years. But in five years, Landing has shown the people what development is and I believe that they would not change him for another person at this time. He does not discriminate and treats people equally.”