Expediting the healing process


There is no doubt that hundreds, if not thousands, of Gambians underwent some form of trauma or the other. Many people lost their loved ones, others were imprisoned (wrongly some would say), many others were sacked from their positions.

These problems caused many folks a lot of troubles which range from loss of income, to security of life and many other side effects. As such, it can be observed that there are many who are angry, frustrated, indignant and many other forms of discontentment. The society is silently fuming and the signs are observable in many fronts.

In the absence of any hope of extraditing the man accused of masterminding all these crimes back to the shores of the country, it would be helpful if government makes a clear and unambiguous proclamation of their plans – or the lack of it – to seek the return of the former president so he can answer for the alleged crimes. Some of these crimes are human rights violation charges while others are charges of embezzlement of funds.


The two camps – supporters and detractors – would both have a chance in that case to hear from the man himself. It is only if that happens that the healing process of the nation can be expedited. The bickering among the different people in the country, if not checked can turn into something which may not augur well for the peace and stability of the country. Government must be seen to be doing something.