Failure of NDP means Barrow is finished – MC Cham


By Saidou S Baldeh

Modou Cham, national youth president of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress, said now that the government has admitted serious funding difficulties for the NDP, President Adama Barrow will have nothing to show as a political propaganda to convince Gambians to vote for him again.

“Now the NDP, which he was bragging about as a political propaganda, is gradually failing just like Jammeh’s Singapore dream.


I think he knows it better than everyone else that he no longer has any valid argument to stay in power. He should quit”, Cham added.

The GDC youth president, who was speaking in an exclusive interview with The Standard added that all well-meaning Gambians are disappointed with how President Barrow has diverted from his promise of serving as a transition President to one who is trying to entrench himself into power contrary to the very principles he campaigned against Jammeh.

“We were expecting a better Gambia but what we are seeing is a Gambia that is more backward than before, a Gambia where we are seeing all what was happening under Jammeh resurfacing. Nothing has changed,” he said.

Cham accused the Barrow administration of selective justice in its handling of the Janneh Commission report, adopting different treatment to the same category of people who helped Jammeh loot our national treasury.

“Harboring people around the presidency and cabinet who have been recommended by the Commission to be sacked; this in itself is a threat to national security, because it could set a bad precedence,” Cham said.

MC Cham said Gambians should support the campaign against Barrow staying beyond three years, arguing that a Gambia with Barrow as President in the next five years will get worse.