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Faith Cole lectures nursing and midwifery students on essentials of profession

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In an interview with The Standard yesterday at the conclusion of the lecture, she elucidated: “I am here in the country on holiday so I thought I should share my knowledge and experience with the students. When I approached the head of the nursing school he thought it was a good idea and that’s how I started lecturing them. Since I started lecturing, I realised that the students found it very interesting that I shared my experience in nursing and dealing with patients which will make them understand better what care is in the world. The aim of the lecture is to make my wealth of experience available to them to become a better and holistic persons; to be able to share and care for people anywhere in this world. I want them to understand the ethics and laws that guide the profession so that they can be better carers anywhere they go in the world.”

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Mrs Cole added that Gambians have to understand that every national anthem that has been written for a country means something.  She said that Gambians should take the national anthem, read and understand it in order to contribute better to its development. 

“It is not about singing it, but understanding and living it. I have looked at it over and again and I have seen myself in the national anthem. I want other Gambians to see themselves in our national anthem as a way of understanding that as a Gambian citizen, we should be patriotic to our country”.

Assan Waggeh, a student at the school said of his experience: “I really enjoyed the lecture. Right now, if somebody posts me to a ward before I do anything I will remember what Faith told us because they are so important and she has so much experience. Faith really inspired me. I think she is my role model. I have really learnt a lot from her three-hour lecture.”

She donated a total of D20,000 to the students and promised to give Google notepads.


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