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Judge threatens to send registrar to Mile 2

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The high court judge, Emmanuel Amadi took strong exception to the registrar’s conduct by ordering Pa Adama Manneh to appear before him yesterday for ‘disobeying’ court orders for not forwarding three case files of men convicted of drug offences. The men are appealing against their convictions at the high court.

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While expressing his disappointment, the judge asked Mr Manneh to tell the court why he disobeyed the order made by the court. “There is nothing that annoys a court more than disobedience of court orders. You have insulted and held the court in contempt. You are there to serve the public not because you are highly educated but to serve in the interest of the public. I will not allow you to insult the court and you should do what you are told to do. I want to send you to Mile 2,” Justice Amadi fumed but Mr Manneh pleaded for forgiveness.

He said it was difficult for him to lay hands on case files adding that court staff could testify on his behalf to that. However, Mr Manneh informed the judge that he had already forwarded the case file of one Saidou Trawally which was with the central registrar at the high court.

“With regard to the other two case files, I have mounted pressure on the court clerks. We are searching for the third one. This is the first time I have been asked to appear before a court,” Mr Manneh said.

However, the judge said he will give him only a week to produce the remaining two files. “I will let go on one condition that you will bring the case file you forwarded last week to me. These people [convicts] cannot be staying there and their cases will not be heard,” he said.


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