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FIFA COVID-19 relief fund plan

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1. Objectives
The objective of the GFF (FIFA Covid-19 Relief) plan is to ensure the judicious distribution of the FIFA grant to the football family in The Gambia based on need and in full compliance with the FIFA Covid-19 Relief Plan Regulations.

As per the FIFA Covid-19 Relief Stage 3 Regulations the GFF will use the Grant for:

– Restart of Football through the Gambia once the authorities approve. – Support the wider Football Community
2. Estimated Income3. FIFA Covid 19 Relief Fund Regulations
4.1 Member Associations has to submit a duly signed application to the FIFA general secretariat in the form provided by the FIFA general secretariat.
4.2 Each Member Association that applies for the Solidarity Grant has to provide FIFA with a report on the use of the Solidarity Grant Trance 1 before January 2021.
4.3 In case of an application for the Women’s Football Grant, the relevant Member Association, in its application, commits to including the development of a women’s football strategy or the inclusion of a women’s football strategy with relevant details in its strategic plan which forms essential part of it contract of agreed objectives.
4.4 If Funding from any Grant is intended to be use or dispersed by a Member Association for or to the wider football community, i.e. to cover or address Pandemic Caused Losses and needs of recipients in the wider football community in such Member Association’s jurisdiction or region, an approval by the relevant Member Association Executive Committee or equivalent body will be required. The use of the funds by such Subsequent Recipients must be for the same purpose for which the Grant was made available to the Beneficiary and in accordance with the relevant provisions of art.7.4.
(The entire FIFA Covid-19 Relief Plan Regulations are attached as Appendix 1)

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4. Disbursements
Pursuant to the various Zoom meetings with FIFA (16/07/2020 FIFA Dakar Office and GFF Forward Management Team, 26/07/2020 GFF Zurich Team and GFF President plus Forward Management Team & 29/07/2020 FIFA President and MA Presidents of English speaking African) and the receipt of the FIFA Covid-19 Relief Plan Stage 3 Regulations, the GFF Executive on Saturday 15th August 2020 approved the disbursements for support to the wider football community and the restart of football once the Government of The Gambia decides as follows:

4.1 Support to Wider Football Community
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused disruption and distress to football throughout the world and
The Gambia is no exception. The Gambia Football Federation in its press release dated 18th March 2020 suspended all its remaining league matches for the 2019/2020 football season.

This action was necessitated following adequate consultation with the relevant stakeholders after the statement by the President of The Republic to suspend all public gatherings and the National Sports council and the Ministry of Youth and Sports suspension of all sporting activities throughout the country.
Accordingly, Clubs, Associations and other relevant stakeholders were negatively impacted not limiting to the following:

– Financial losses (withdrawal of sponsors/partners, causing non-payment of salaries/allowances etc.)
– Additional cost (Covid-19 related health cost, extra football gears and equipment etc.)
– Loss of employment (Staff and officials laid off and related cost)
In the light of the above the GFF Executive Committee approved to support:
– 14 male 1st Division Clubs D600,000.00 each
– 8 female 1st Division Clubs D600,000.00 each
– 16 male 2nd Division Clubs D500,000.00 each
– 9 female 2nd Division Clubs D500,000.00 each
– 104 Regional 3rd Division Clubs D100,000 each
– 7 Regional Football Association D1,000,000.00 each. However, D500,000.00 is purposely for the development of Women’s Football in the regions.
– Women Football Association D500,000.00
– 4 Allied Associations D300,000 each

4.2 Restart of Football Competitions in The Gambia
According to the World Health Organization and Local Health Authorities, Covid 19 will be with us for some time. Therefore, certain conditions must be met to restart our leagues when the restrictions are lifted example:

– New Protocols for team training
– Temperature test
– Dressing Rooms readjustments
– Traveling to and from training/matches respecting social distancing rules
– Coaches and official must wear face masks at training and matches
– Covid-19 symptoms management protocols
– Security at matches

5. Budget


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