Finance Leadership Forum holds AGM


The Finance Leadership Forum (FLF) , an association of finance professionals, has recently held its annual general meeting.

The AGM held through a zoom meeting witnessed the presentation of the executive’s annual report, financial statements, and the audit committee’s report for 2021.

It also presented an opportunity for the members to scrutinise and consider both the annual work plan and this year’s budget prepared by the executive committee.


The executive report and the financial statement were adopted by the members after the auditors have okayed it.

The president of the association, Ebrima Sawaneh said the idea of forming it was to enable finance professionals in the Gambia and beyond to network, learn and share knowledge.

“We have been doing this by organising training, webinars, and seminars for our members and even non-members. We believe that in the Gambia, there are very few women in finance especially at the leadership level. So, my executive’s number one priority is to build a foundation that would enable young Gambian youth, especially women, to through our mentorship programs build a career in finance,” Sawaneh said.

He said the association has set up a committee that focuses on how to increase the number of women in the finance profession.

“We want to do this by going to learning institutions to inspire people, especially women in finance and economics about the profession and its prospects. We will also try to reach out to the government through the ministries of education and youths, and the Association of Chartered Accountants to trumpet support for the finance profession,” he added.

The spokesperson of the association, Salifu Bah, said the membership of FLF is open to all interested in finance and leadership.

“Our mission is to support the development of finance professionals in reaching their potentials. We have finance directors, auditors, accountants, CEOs etc both in and outside The Gambia and we network with like-minded professionals to seek for learning opportunities and ability to support others through knowledge transfer,” he said. Mr Touray also encouraged finance professionals to join the association.