Hungary will keep Foday Bah in Hungary for three months between March 16 and June 5. During this period, Foday Bah will cover 300 hours of lecture with 120 hours on general subjects while the remaining 180 hours will deal with sports specialization, in his case, football coaching, both theory and practical.

A GNOC statement from Olympic House yesterday said the Committee is committed to capacitising Gambian sport associations. Since the early 90s, more than a half dozen Gambian coaches from different sports have benefited from the scholarship. Former Gambia coach  Peter Bonu Johnson, Pa Faye Suwareh and atheltics’s Fama Frances Jatta are a few notable early beneficiaries.

Foday Bah has since left Banjul via Abuja  where he will pick up his visa for Hungary.


The first International Coaching Course (ICC) in Budapest was held in 1971. Since the establishment of the Course, over 1,500 participants in different sports from more than 85 countries and all continents of the World received their education and certificate at the Semmelveis University.

The objectives of the ICC are to train and educate coaches from around the World. The programme attempts to promote and develop excellence in coaching.