Foñi tells CDS Drammeh to help remove Senegalese troops

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By Amadou Jadama on tour

Communities in Foñi have told army chief Yakuba Drammeh of their desire for the government to get rid of the Senegalese Ecomig forces in the region.

The CDS, who is currently touring military installations and communities, responded by appealing to the people of Foñi to continue to be patient, saying that no condition is permanent as everything will pass one day.


However, CDS Drammeh, himself a native of Foñi, advised the Senegalese contingent to engage the communities and respect their culture and traditions as that would make them win the hearts and minds of the people of Foñi.

He recalled that during his mission in trouble-stricken Liberia and other places, he and his troops always engaged the communities, participated in their social activities and even staged football matches with them to gain their trust and confidence.

“I come from this part of the country and I am aware that most of the time when you encounter problems with locals, I personally use my privilege to intervene to defuse tensions. So, I will recommend you to engage with the locals more,” CDS Drammeh told he contingent at Kanilai.

He commended the troops for taking part in a recent community cleansing exercise.

Responding, Lieutenant Col Samba Faal of the Senegalese contingent in Kanilai, promised to work on the recommendations put forward by the CDS and assured that there exists excellent relationship between the Gambia Armed Forces and Senegalese troops there and the community at large.