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Foreign Minister Tangara in Cuba for G77 and China Summit


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Gambia, Mamadou Tangara, arrived in Cuba with a high-level delegation that will participate in the G77 and China Summit, opening today Friday in Havana.

More than 100 countries will be represented at the G77 and China Summit by heads of state and government, vice presidents, foreign ministers and other dignitaries.

The central theme of the important event will be the current challenges of development: Role of science, technology and innovation, and its fundamental objective will be to draw up strategies to achieve a better fairer and truly democratic world, at a time when humanity faces complex challenges, and unity becomes essential to overcome them.

In a press conference on Wednesday about the relevant conclave in Havana, the head of Cuban Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, expressed that the largest of the Antilles feels indebted to the peoples of the South for the international solidarity that it has always received, and particularly with Africa.

He then highlighted that “this continent contributed to the formation of Cuba as a nation, and referred to the blood and cultural ties that unite us.”

Rodríguez also stated that African nations have a lot to teach the world, and are decisive for the development of humanity.

He reiterated that the oldest Caribbean archipelago has benefited from extraordinary, persistent and invariable international support, and “modestly has also made great efforts to be our supportive people, humanistic in helping others, sharing what we sometimes have.”

Since the founding of the G77, in 1964, Cuba has been an active member of that negotiating bloc of developing countries, the largest and most diverse, the one with the greatest coordination, and made up of 134 States that represent 80 percent of the population of the world and two-thirds of the UN membership.

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