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Foreign ministry begins rigorous reforms

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad has begun a rigorous reform exercise as it kicks off reviewing its human resource base.
The Ministry, which has been reshaping The Gambia’s external relations and its re-entry into the Comity of Nations, is in the advanced stages of drafting a policy document on Foreign Service Scheme.

Saikou Ceesay, the foreign ministry spokesman, said the reforms, which are part of a broader Gambia government reform process, are already in full swing.
“This reform process will avail the foreign ministry the opportunity to tap people with the right ability and integrity to become enviable career diplomats,” he said.

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The Gambia police effected mass arrests last year over a diplomatic passport scandal, including at least three protocol officers at the foreign ministry.
However, according to Mr Ceesay, the reforms would set a benchmark for hiring Gambians with realistic qualifications to effectively pursue the country’s foreign policy objectives.
“We want to create and maintain career professionals, those with the right mentality and integrity, so that the foreign ministry and government in general, will be protected from any of kind scandal in the future,” Mr Ceesay said.

Dr Mamadou Tangara, the only Gambian career diplomat to serve as foreign minister on three separate occasions, is leading the much-needed reforms.
Following the dismissal of the protocol officers involved in the diplomatic passport scandal, the foreign ministry has Wednesday invited applications to fill the vacant positions.
This time, Mr Ceesay said, the Ministry is hoping to recruit the right calibre of people that can represent The Gambia anywhere in the world.

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