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By Omar Bah

The leader of the opposition Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction has accused unnamed former Jammeh ministers of withdrawing D10 million from the party’s accounts without authorization during the impasse that followed the December 2016 election.

Addressing APRC delegates in the Central River Region about the party’s plan to form a coalition with National People’s Party, Fabakary Tombong Jatta said: “A minister and his colleague withdrew D10 million from the APRC accounts during the impasse.

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“When we received the news, I called them and asked them about it but they told me it is former president Jammeh who approved it but when I contacted Jammeh, he told me he didn’t approve it.

He said it was when he went to President Barrow with five other party executive members that they realised the party’s accounts had only a balance of D900, 000.

NPP alliance

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The former Majority Leader said 99% of the APRC executive have agreed to work with the NPP.

“We have agreed in principle to work with the NPP but our number one priority is for Babili Mansa and all those who are outside to come back. They even wanted us to sign the agreement but we refused because we wanted to consult the party supporters before signing anything,” he added.

He said it is the duty of the executive and all APRC supporters to ensure that Jammeh returns at all cost.

“We know the West and some Gambians who have vested interest don’t want him to come back but we will do everything possible to ensure that he returns and his properties are returned to him.

“Our argument has always been that you don’t expect somebody who served as president for 22 years not have a single compound, when President Barrow who serves less than five years has built compounds. We made it clear to them that Jammeh has the right to come back and his properties should be returned,” he said.

He urged the party delegates to ignore all rumours peddled by detractors that there will be no election in December.

“We should all be ready to participate in the election because this is the best time for us to reconcile,” he said.

He said during the campaign APRC supporters will be free to wear the party colors. 

“But I want to tell you that merely shouting Jammeh or APRC will not take us anywhere, rather we should demonstrate our love for the party by actions. We are working on allocating vehicles and some money to our committees in all the seven regions,” he said.

The APRC chairman in CRR, Yerro Bah told the delegates and people of Niani to rally behind the FTJ-led executive, saying the whole CRR executive committee supports the decision to work with the NPP.

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