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Fuel shortage and a weather report

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The fuel shortage seems to be attributed to some adverse weather condition – an incredible story indeed, like the tale of an ostrich burying the head in sand.

The economy is no man’s friend. It responds to policies – adverse or favourable. It is most adverse to corruption and bad governance which act as the quicksand for bad policies – the more they wriggle, the deeper the economy sinks.

Inflation has almost doubled from the figure of the same period last year. The interest rate goes up using it to curb demand. That may simply not be enough. The cure lies in a proper diagnosis- stem corruption to allow the natural operation of and to inject efficiency into the market and drastically curtail spending.

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By the way, funny, the national petroleum corporation is not mentioned as part of the emergency fuel supply arrangement.

Just Thinking Aloud

Lamino Lang Coma

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Dialogue on political tension?

The so-called political tension is as a result of the misjudgments and double standard mannerisms of President Barrow aim at scoring cheap political points ahead of the forth coming local government election.

The Opposition’s main role is to question the government of the day and hold them accountable to the public. This also helps to fix the mistakes of the ruling party.

However, a dispassionate and an unbiased review of the situation prevailing now in the political arena shows some definite trend which if not arrested, would do more harm which may lead to unprecedented repercussions in the already charged political atmosphere of our nation.

The role of the opposition cannot be minimised in democracy. The opposition is an inevitable and unavoidable condition of democracy not only should be accepted as constitutional, but must be preserved and perceived because it is indispensable.

Abdou Jeli Keita

Hamat on Tribal Associations

Hamat has always been part of the problem. He was saying some really disturbing things since Barrow came to power. Hamat should be removed from tourism because he is not performing to our expectations. He fits really well as an adviser/ hang around for Barrow together with all the others. He cannot take himself from the equation, as the documentations are all available in the social media.

Abdou Janhne

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