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GACH Global’s D58M suit against ex-Gampetroleum boss continues today

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By Bruce Asemota

The High Court in Banjul will today 4 April, make a ruling on whether to enter judgment or to hear the consolidated applications filed by Lawyer Badou Conteh on behalf of Saikou Drammeh, a former Gampetroleum MD opposing a civil suit filed against him by GACH Global.
Lawyer Conteh had urged the court presided over by Justice Ebrima Jaiteh, not to deliver judgment in the suit because he had filed two motions on behalf of his client asking for an extension of time and one in opposition to the motion for judgment by GACH’s lawyer, Ida Drammeh.
Conteh further argued that the motion for judgment is premature and urged the court to dismiss it motion with cost.
However, Lawyer Ida Drammeh, representing GACH Global argued that the court cannot be dragged into an exercise it doesn’t have jurisdiction to deal with and that the issue of jurisdiction is fundamental in the administration of justice.
Drammeh argued further that the court cannot indulge a defendant who failed to file defense within the 90 days statutory period and applied that judgment be entered for her client against the 2nd defendant, Saikou Drammeh.
GACH Global is claiming D58,961,150.00 against the defendants, Khadijatou Kebbeh and Saikou Drammeh being an amount they alleged was fraudulently acquired and retained to be payment to and for petroleum products supplied by Gampetroleum storage facility Co Ltd.
The company is also claiming the sum of US$ 221,000.00 being amount they alleged was fraudulently acquired and retained as payment for petrol product supplied by Gampetroleum storage facility Co. Ltd as well as interest at 24% from the 31 August, 2021 to the date of judgment and thereafter at 4% until the judgment sum is liquidated.

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